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From a young age I have always been fascinated by making and creating.

Spending hours with my Dad in his amazing workshop, Garden and veg plots.

A complete love of the great outdoors has stayed with me.

I remember  being fascinated on a trip to the beautiful Isle of Wight in 1970 when Jimi Hendrix played.

The fashion, music, colours and eclectic mix was a real eye opener!

A love of fashion and colour had me making funky costume Jewellery and supplying Harvey  Nichols and many other Boutiques.


Working with a dynamic team I have been making Tipis and Yurts  for Glastonbury Festival and beyond for ten years. 

Now with three children and  two Grandchildren and a continued love of design and outdoor adventures. I started making  Tipis for Children and the young at heart.

 They have been so incredibly popular we have increased the range and now provide three different sizes.

My diffusion range of accessories comes from trying to help solve our ever growing problem with waste.

All our offcuts are used to create wonderful useable products. In keeping with our love of colour and design.

My studio, a beautiful space where free thinking and creativity come together. Based in Pilton, Home of the almighty Glastonbury Festival. Our good friends and neighbours. In the heart of the beautiful West Country.